With separate, unconnected areas comprising South Cumberland State Park it was often a point of confusion on where to access trailheads and what was connected. Now, with a simplified North, South, East, West basis for each section of the park, orientation of the State Park is much easier to grasp. “We are such a large, spread-out park that it is difficult for new visitors to grasp where the trailheads are, in relation to the park’s major features,” Park Manager, George Shinn explained. “This new naming system, which we developed in cooperation with the Friends group, is more logical and geographically-based. It will make it much easier for visitors to quickly grasp where our trailheads are, in relation to each other, and in which part of the park each trailhead is located.”  Shinn noted that it will take time to switch over all of the park’s existing directional signage and update maps, but steps are already underway to begin that process. “The Friends’ website is the first resource that has been completely updated to reflect the new names,” he said.  “The Tennessee State Parks website has also posted the new trailhead map, and should be fully up-to-date in the near future.”  The new, official trailhead map also includes the park’s most popular features and highlights, listed below each of the new trailhead names. A free copy of the new map, which includes driving directions to each trailhead and other useful information, is also available for download from the Downloadable Maps page of this website. Great work from our friends at Friends of South Cumberland and a great opportunity for visitors to discover more of the park. Check it out here: Updated Map